MiniTech locks

The MiniTech is the perfect solution for user-friendly and intuitive timelock accesstrongs control for safes and vaults. Based on the successful TechMaster design, the MiniTech features Audit of 5,500 events, advanced user features and superior keypad time control. Developed by Tecnosicurezza, a manufacturer with over 25 years’ experience in the Safelock industry.


  • 1 Master, 1 Manager, 48 Users,
  • 10 additional time delay override users
  • Dual mode (optional)
  • User Dallas keys (optional)
  • Time delay 1-99 minutes - Open window 1-19 minutes
  • Audit: 5,500 events with time and date (basic onscreen or full with PC download)
  • Silent alarm and remote disable opening (optional with interface) or:
  • Remote time delay override (optional with interface)
  • Time & timelock programmed from the keypad
  • Weekly opening & closing timelock
  • 30 closing periods and 30 opening periods
  • Immediate & temporary timelock
  • Automatic DST
  • Dynamic codes (optional)
  • Penalty
  • Keypad test
  • Multi-lock (Up to 2 locks per keypad)
  • Power: 9V alkaline battery, large battery box (recommended) or power supply
  • Low battery warning
  • Setup with Dallas key or PC (supplied pre-programmed by Safelock Systems)