Pulse Pro

Pulse Pro safelock

The Pulse Pro is a revolutionary new system where the setup is completely configurable and changeable from the keypad. There are over 80 configurable setups that allow choice over number of masters, managers, users, override users and whether the lock operates in dual mode. Featuring real time Audit of 5500 events, and advanced user features such as code expiry, Pulse Pro is the perfect solution where flexibility is required. Through the keypad, the lock can be configured to allow input and output options for alarm or door switches, timed “lock open” warnings, and silencing for situations where the keypad beep should not be overheard. Developed by Tecnosicurezza, a manufacturer with over 25 years’ experience in the Safelock industry.

Pulse Pro Features

  • Up to 2 Masters, 2 Managers, 49 Users
  • Up to 10 additional time delay override users
  • Dual mode (optional)
  • User Dallas keys (optional)
  • Time Delay 1-99 Minutes, Open window 1-19 minutes
  • Audit: 5500 events with real time and date (PC interface required via keypad or lock body)
  • Silent alarm (optional with interface)
  • Remote disable opening or remote time delay override (optional with interface)
  • Penalty & Keypad Test
  • Power Supply: 9v alkaline battery or large battery box
  • Low battery warning & battery level test
  • Codes expiry
  • Door/ lock open alarm
  • Automatic DST for the real time clock (For real time audit)
  • Bolt status output (Additional bolt switch required)
  • Emergency Reset Code (Optional)
  • The keypad is also compatible with analogue locks, such as Pulse