The TechMaster is a multi-user and multi-lock security system that provides complete and customisable access control for safes and vaults. Every feature has been developed extensively by Tecnosicurezza, a manufacturer with over 25 years’ experience in the Safelock industry. Audit of 6000 events, advanced user features and superior keypad timelock control, mark the TechMaster as a premium lock system. Where the TechMaster excels, is the inclusion of IP remote management, allowing installation of a lock system onto a company network, with windows based software for lock monitoring and administration.


Standard features

  • 1 Master, 1 Manager, 89 Users
  • Time delay (1-99 minutes - Open window 1-19 minutes)
  • Audit: 6000 events with time and date (Basic onscreen or full with PC interface)
  • Time & timelock programmed from the keypad
  • Weekly opening & closing timelock with Automatic DST changes
  • 30 closing periods & 30 opening periods
  • Immediate timelock
  • Penalty
  • Keypad test
  • Low battery warning
  • Power supply: 9V alkaline battery, large battery box (Recommended) or power supply
  • Supplied pre-programmed by Safelock Systems

Optional features available on request

TechMaster is highly flexible allowing a range of operating modes with additional features:

  • Additional codes: 2nd Master, 2nd Manager or Override Manager, Administrator
  • Up to 40 of the users profiled as ‘Time Delay Override Users’
  • Dual control
  • Codes expiry
  • Immediate timelock for users
  • User Dallas keys (Requires keys and Dallas key reader keypad)
  • Variable time delay, minimum time delay
  • Silent alarm (Duress) and remote disable functions (Requires alarm interface)
  • Remote network management (Requires TCP/IP interface)
  • Dynamic Codes or One-Time Codes (Requires PC Software and Dongle)
  • Multi-lock (Up to 5 locks per keypad)
  • Timelock user groups (optional) and timelock table switching
  • Block / unblock
  • Bolt monitoring, safe door switch monitoring